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A Win For Douglas Novak And Habitat

Pictured above: Is the winner Douglas Novak and Sal Roseland, development director for SCHF.

Sioux Falls, SD. September 8th, 2022. Douglas Novak and Habitat across South Dakota were both the winners of the recently held custom Indian motorcycle raffle presented by South Dakota’s Second Century Habitat Fund. Mr. Novak purchased just one ticket and that proved to be just lucky enough to take home the custom built (by Carey Hart) Indian Motorcycle.

With over 500 tickets sold the raffle brought in over $50,000 in funds to go towards crucial habitat improvements across South Dakota. “Every dollar counts toward putting more wildlife habitat on the ground here in South Dakota and that’s a win for everyone who enjoys South Dakota’s wildlife and hunting traditions” said Executive Director Brian Bashore. “Our success is owed to partners like South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, Indian Motorcycles and Carey Hart that make raffles like this possible for us to put 100% of the funds raised into habitat programs across South Dakota and most importantly all of those individuals that purchased tickets” said Development Director Sal Roseland

Stay on the look out for what’s coming up next for Second Century Habitat Funds 2022/23 raffle. I can assure you it will be one you won’t want to miss.

Further information and or donations can be made here: DONATE

About Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota

The Second Century Habitat Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation that works to educate landowners on the importance of grasslands to improve pheasant habitat in South Dakota. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors representing landowners, business owners, pheasant preserve operators, and community leaders across South Dakota.


Brian Bashore – Executive Director

Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota


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