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Bashore Named Executive Director of South Dakota’s Second Century Habitat Fund.

Pierre, SD —- South Dakota’s Second Century Habitat Fund (SDSCHF) has announced that Brian Bashore will serve as the Executive Director effective February 3, 2022. His experience in conservation practices and policies spans over 20 years, including leadership roles with National Wildlife Federation, National Professional Anglers Association, and Nebraska Wildlife Federation.

“His passion and background as an avid Sportsmen have shaped his conservation values over the years leading him up to this opportunity, and we are excited to have him on board,” said Jim Scull, President of the Board of Directors

“I’m honored for this opportunity to lead the Second Century Habitat Fund into the new year where there are so many opportunities in front of us,” said Brian Bashore. “The landscape is changing while South Dakota’s economy is thriving, and we need to ensure a good balance of both to secure the second century of South Dakota’s heritage of pheasant hunting. And we achieve that through providing quality habitat for all the wildlife to thrive.”

About Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota

The Second Century Habitat Fund is a nonprofit 501 c3 corporation that works to educate landowners on the importance of grassland to improve pheasant habitat in South Dakota. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors representing landowners, business owners, pheasant preserve operators, and community leaders across South Dakota.


Brian Bashore – Executive Director

Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota


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