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Second Century Habitat Fund Awards Eric Johannsen the 2023 Habitat Steward Award

Pictured Above is Eric Johannsen speaking after receiving his award.

Sioux Falls, SD— Second Century Habitat Fund (SCHF) awards Eric Johannsen with it’s 2023 Habitat Steward of the Year Award at it’s inaugural Gala in Sioux Falls, SD on June 3rd, 2023.

The Habitat Steward of the Year Award recognizes a South Dakota Landowner who provides an outstanding example of pheasant habitat development and conservation while promoting awareness to sustain South Dakota's strong outdoor heritage of pheasant hunting for current and future generations.

“It's wonderful to recognize landowners like Eric who demonstrate outstanding efforts in pheasant habitat development and conservation while promoting the preservation of South Dakota's outdoor heritage of pheasant hunting” said Brian Bashore, Executive Director of the Fund.

The SCHF acknowledges the crucial role played by landowners in their organization and considers them as true conservation heroes. Eric's ability to balance land use for agricultural production and habitat development showcases his dedication to providing ample acres for wildlife and people to thrive and enjoy stated Jim Faulstich, Habitat Committee Chair for the Board of Directors.

Eric Johannsen was nominated by several of his peers, and the SCHF board unanimously selected him as the well-deserving recipient of the 2023 award. As part of his recognition, Eric received a $2,000 cash award and a plaque during the Fund Gala, which was attended by more than 500 guests.

For those interested in learning more about the award or submitting a nominee for the 2024 Habitat Steward Award, please visit

About Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota

The Second Century Habitat Fund is a nonprofit 501 c3 corporation that works to educate landowners on the importance of grassland to improve pheasant habitat in South Dakota. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors representing landowners, business owners, pheasant preserve operators, and community leaders across South Dakota.


Brian Bashore – Executive Director

Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota


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