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Winter storm initiative



Enhance South Dakota's habitat to a level that its wildlife has adequate habitat providing food and shelter for extreme winter conditions. 

South Dakota was stricken with heavy snowfall and record-low temperatures in the winter of 2022-23. These storms with heavy snowfalls, some resulting in excess of two feet and temperatures reaching negative 50 degrees, are the harshest conditions put on South Dakota’s wildlife. As resilient as wildlife can be, conditions like these are nearly impossible to survive without proper cover and assessable food sources. 


Due to the deep snow and relentless winds, much of South Dakota’s prime habitat was laid down and food sources were covered up for months, making it extremely difficult for the wildlife that was able to make it through the initial storm to survive the remaining winter months. 


Creating quality habitat consisting of trees, food plots, and the heavy cover needed to survive these conditions is paramount in sustaining South Dakota’s pheasant and other wildlife populations. And that’s why the Second Century Habitat Fund is putting forward $100,000 into habitat and winter food plots across the state in 2023. We will also be matching donations, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.


Please join us in our recovery and retention effort to keep South Dakota's wildlife thriving in the toughest of conditions. 

DONATE $50 or more Today and receive a LIMITED-EDITION Second Century Habitat Fund Hat


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Working in partnership with Landowners, South Dakota Game, Fish, and, Parks, Pheasants Forever identify and provide the tools and funds necessary to plant additional food plots, trees, and heavy cover habitat throughout South Dakota. 

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